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Log of all requests and replenishments here @TONPlanetsCharity

You can become a philanthropist by making a transfer to the Fund's wallet   EQC...oPiEfood
5% of incoming payments - commission of the TON Planets project

Who can get paid?

Any person can get help in the amount of $0.108 = 0.05 💎 who finds himself in a difficult situation and needs money for food or basic necessities.

Can I get paid now?

Yes, you can get a 💎 reward equivalent to $1 by completing the TON4FOOD M2E task in the Telegram bot @TONPlanetsBot . If you have accepted the task, then you need to complete it within week.

How to get paid?

You need to open @TONPlanetsBot in messenger Telegram from a mobile device, select a language, go to the M2E section, and then go to the I need 💎 section. In this section, you will need to go through a small registration.

What do you need to register?

1. Install the application Tonkeeper or Tonhub and create a wallet by writing down 24 words (seed phrase) in a safe place.
2. Connect the created wallet in our bot @TONPlanetsBot.
3. Go to the M2E (Moove-to-Earn) section, and then to the TON4Food section.
4. Subscribe to the @TONPlanetsCharity channel and take the task, then start a task.
5. In the menu that opens, click on the paper clip icon and select the location broadcast for the time you need to cover the distance.
6. During the execution, you can pause the task and continue within a week after it starts.
7. When the task is completed, the “Finish” button will change color to green and you can complete the task. After that, within a few minutes, a reward will be credited to your wallet.

What is all this for?

We would like this game mechanic to first of all help those who, for one reason or another, need the support of the community, but we hope that the decentralized community itself, thanks to helping those in need, will become stronger and more benevolent.

Martians won't leave earthlings in trouble.

Get paid

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