For those who think Curiosity Mars Rover is small - it's bigger than some regular cars.  

For those who think that the Mars rover Curiosity is small - it is larger than some ordinary cars.
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Images from Mars from the Curiosity Rover, Sol 1463  

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The Chinese rover has detected evidence of recent water activity on Mars.  

Scientists studying data collected by the Zhurong rover on Mars have published a study which proves the presence of relatively recent water activity in the Utopia Planitia region. After landing in the region, Zhurong studied the four closest dunes, analyzing the composition of their surfaces. All four dunes, ranging from 15 to 30 meters in length and a height of up to 1 meter, were found to be covered with a small crust with cracks. They were formed as a result of the evaporation of water between 400,000 to 1.4 million years ago.
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Terraforming Mars: An Astrophotographer's Perspective by Kevin Gill Terraforming Mars has been a popular topic in science fiction literature for decades. Many sci-fi authors have written stories detailing mankind’s attempt to transform the Red Planet into a more Earth-like habitat. Recently, t  

After terraforming, according to astroenthusiast Kevin Gill based on images from MRO and radar images of the Mars Global Surveyor's surface, Mars looked like this.
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Artificial Intelligence will be searching for life on Mars.  

Scientists are leveraging artificial intelligence to search for places on Mars where life may be possible. It is currently being taught to do this by using images of Earth landscapes where life survives in extreme conditions.

Representatives from various disciplines working at the SETI Institute have together developed an AI that will help to locate life on Mars and other planets. It will analyze surface shots received from orbital devices, and search for places where the presence of biological life is most likely.
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Trajectories of Released Spacecraft Explorers of Our Solar System  

Trajectories of Launched Spacecraft Exploring Our Solar System
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A Hole in Mars  

In 2011, a hole was discovered by NASA scientists while studying images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The 35 meter diameter hole is located on the slope of Mount Pavonis.

Experts noticed that the crater had almost a perfect circular shape, which may hint at an artificial origin of the object. With side lighting, scientists determined that there is an empty space beneath the hole. Judging by the internal shadow angle, the hole has a depth of about 28 meters.

In 2019, entomologist William Romoser declared that he had found insects on Mars. The researcher studied photographs taken by the Mars rover Curiosity and found traces of creatures resembling insects on them.
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Residents of Mars Residents of Mars refer to any individuals who currently live on the planet Mars. This can include astronauts, scientists, engineers, and other professionals involved in exploring and researching the planet. It could also include any colonists or settlers who have made Mars their  

Experts have called this anomaly due to the satellite, but it's not so simple. It is well known that there are living creatures on Mars, carefully hiding from our eyes.
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24% of Russians would like to go to Mars.  

More than half of Russians admitted they would like to visit another planet in the Solar System.

Mars was the most popular cosmic object (24%), followed by the Moon (10%) and Venus (9%).

In addition, 10% of the respondents thought that aliens will come to Earth and make contact with humans.
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Feel the Power of Gravity on Planets: Mesmerizing Video  

Check out this mesmerizing video that demonstrates the power of gravity on different planets. Beautiful!
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