The University of Manchester has developed a new concrete for building on Mars.  

Engineers from the University of Manchester have developed a special concrete for building on Mars. It consists of dust and potato starch and is two times stronger than ordinary concrete. On Earth, it cannot be used because of the presence of water, however on Mars the concrete will demonstrate its full value as there are no rains. As a result, the special concrete will be available for use in construction on Mars.
TG Discovery: IT, технологии, бизнес 21.03.2023

MRO spacecraft has discovered a relic salt-ice glacier near the equator of Mars.  

At the 54th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC), planetary scientists reported the discovery of an ancient glacier near the equator of Mars, mostly composed of salt deposits. However, beneath its depths, there may still be isolated water ice, insulated from the exterior environment.
TG Naked Space 19.03.2023

First Glimpse of the Red Planet: Sojourner Delivers Photos from Pathfinder, 1997.  

A photo of the Red Planet taken by the Pathfinder lander, which delivered the very first Mars rover, Sojourner, to the surface of Mars in 1997.
@kosmostime 17.03.2023

The Curiosity rover found something amazing on Mars!  

The Mars rover has seen several meteorites over the course of its exploration, one of which is the iron-nickel meteorite named "Kakao", measuring 30 cm in diameter.
@proximo_science 17.03.2023

Epic Photo Showing Phobos Over Martian Surface  

Fobos is a perfect illustration for the phrase "space stone", though in reality its diameter exceeds 20 km.

It is worth noting that Fobos is in a literal sense a death satellite. It is slowly approaching Mars. In a few tens of millions of years Fobos will get so close to it that it will be torn apart by gravity. As a result, the Red Planet will be decorated with an extremely spectacular ring. Then the fragments of Fobos will gradually fall on Mars. The space can be cruel.
TG Naked Space 14.03.2023

What will happen if the Sun suddenly disappears?  

@kosmo_off 11.03.2023

NASA published photos of twilight rays and mother-of-pearl clouds in the Martian sky.  

The first clear pictures of the amazing phenomenon were taken by the Mars Rover Curiosity, which has been exploring the twilight clouds since the beginning of the year.

Incidentally, Earthlings can also see nacreous clouds - these clouds usually form in unusually cold conditions, for example, in the sky over the Arctic.
@lentadnya 10.03.2023

Distances from Earth to different objects in the Solar System  

The distances from Earth to various objects in the Solar System
@kosmo_off 10.03.2023

The landing of the first stage of the Falcon 9 after the OneWeb-17 mission.  

@spacex_rus 10.03.2023

What if you ended up in a multiverse bar?  

What if you were in a bar in a multiverse?
TG Млечный Путь 09.03.2023
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