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Remains of "ancient structures" on Mars!

Well-known virtual archaeologist Scott Worring came to such a conclusion when studying photographs of the Martian surface. On the surface of the Red Planet, he discovered a structure resembling the even walls of a man-made structure. The walls are connected to each other, forming rooms. According to the ufologist, the walls discovered could be the ruins of a building belonging to a tiny intelligent species.

The researcher gave an example when he ten years ago discovered a small female figure 15 cm high on the surface of Mars. It is quite possible, continues his thought Worring, that creatures of such a height could build such structures and live in them. Worring draws the attention of Net users to the uniform thickness of the walls. Nature could not create such a thing. This is a hundred percent proof that there was life on the Red Planet and intelligent beings living on it were of small stature.
@neobjasnimo 17.10.2022

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