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NASA Responded to Ufologists: There Is No Giant Crab on Mars

One of the latest photos from the surface of Mars, released by the American space agency, has caused an unprecedented interest in the press. The internet has literally exploded with reports that the image taken by the Curiosity rover shows a giant crab. As Business Insider reports, space mystery fans have demanded an explanation from NASA for the strangeness discovered in one of the photos from the surface of Mars.

Researchers spotted a giant crab hiding in the rocks in the photo. This photo of the Martian surface in strong magnification was published by several leading American media.

This time NASA even had to answer the ufologists officially. "The strange silhouette, in which many could see a giant crab, is nothing else but a mineral-rich rock, similar in composition to Earth's quartz," said the space agency. But is it really like that?
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