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NASA is continuing the development of the Dragonfly helicopter for the mission to Titan.

The Ingenuity helicopter had huge success and now NASA is developing an even larger and capable helicopter, Dragonfly, which will be exploring Titan in the next decade. It has a good chance to set many of Ingenuity's records.

Dragonfly is currently under development, but recently its rotor blades have been tested. It will be able to operate without several of its rotor blades, making it much more reliable than Ingenuity. Even the lack of electricity, which will eventually kill Ingenuity, will not be a big problem for Dragonfly as it will use a radioisotope thermoelectric generator instead of a set of solar panels.

Dragonfly looks like a large terrestrial drone. Its dimensions are approximately 3.5 meters in length and 3.5 meters in width.

The development is scheduled to be completed by 2027, when the launch is planned.
@kosmo_off 16.01.2023

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