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Kamen Kocheno The stone of Kocheno

Thirty years ago, a unique slab was discovered. On a large stone, 20 meters long and 10 meters wide, there were strange inscriptions and drawings that experts still cannot translate today.

A few years after the discovery of the "Kochne Stone", people began to show an active interest in the artifact. Not only scientists but also tourists came to see the large stone. Due to the strong excitement and corruption of the artifact, the local authorities decided to bury the slab to preserve it for future generations who might be able to decipher the inscriptions on the large stone.

Today, the stone has been excavated again. Archaeologists have scanned the artifact and created a virtual copy. Independent experts are sure that the "Kochne Stone" is a map of the Universe. On it can be indicated not only all the solar systems, but also planets, where other races can live!
@tshistory 18.01.2023

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